Lunch of Champions

Black beans, kimchi, fried sweet plantains, avocado, steamed cauliflower on a bed of braised collard greens.
I ate every last delectable bite. This is my kind of lunch. Greens being the base and vegetables and kimchi singing backup and something sweet to balance it all out. 
It is soul nourishing to eat this way and it’s also getting me through painting El Viejo my new/old Toy Home.
Have I mentioned I hate painting? I do and this morning I was questioning the hell out of myself for having started down this path but here I am half way through. It will look great. Fresh and clean and you know, it’s white so it expands the space visually. Or so they tell me. All I know is I’m tired of painting! 
Also… white? Really? When I told my daughter I was painting it white she just looked at me. She’s getting a lot better about not just coming out and saying what’s on her mind but I can hear what’s on her mind. I made her so she doesn’t really have to speak. She said BORING! loud and clear without saying a word. She’s right of course.  There is nothing more boring than white. There is also nothing easier to live with AND there will be color. 
In small portions. 
Unlike my lunch. 


  1. Yumola! jeeeeeez that looks good. I've never had kimchi but I've had all the rest … I would love this. wish I liked to cook. I don't like to cook or paint and I need to do both.

    HAhaaaaa without saying a word… yep

    I like white because the color as you just stated will be added… greens and yellows and reds and blues … all against a neutral background. I love white.

    You can always change accessories much much easier than painting a new color… new throw rugs or drapes or shades or plants or pillows or whatever … that's why I'm going to do this entire house in white… if I ever do … it. sigh

    lazy assed ol woman!


  2. My mother suggested to me today that I should paint Sophie's room white instead of hiring someone to do it. Do you know that I have NEVER painted a room and that I have no desire to do so?


  3. YUM on the lunch. I used to love painting…used to love color! I went back to a house we had sold and to tell the truth it was beautiful from the colors I had done. But the one thought I had was “Where did I get the energy to do that”? and it was only 10 years ago..


  4. Carolyn, If you like garlic and spice,you will probably like kimchi.

    I am with you on the white as background. Everything else is so much easier to add or subtract.

    Ms Moon…precisely!

    A. That lunch was so delicious, I am still thinking about it.
    And yes, about the white. yes yes.

    Elizabeth, you are the smartest woman alive NOT to have ever painted a room. Pay someone else to do it. Or better yet, bake them a cake.

    Sheryl, I feel the same way. The energy I had just a few short years ago, is gone.

    Radish, to have enough art to make the white disappear. That is the goal.


  5. LaVonne, I did indeed make it and something like it almost every day. Greens and assorted other veggies and beans. Yum. I will most definitely cook for you at the RTR.


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