The ever elusive Lu.

She has a new throne these days and though she loves to spend hours lounging upon it, she does not like having her picture made while doing so. If she had big enough teeth she would have taken a big satisfying bite of my arm.

So that’s my yard these days. A junkyard complete with ferocious dog and old ugly furniture. There are daffodils blooming too. They remind me of those tenacious blades of grass you see coming through the cracks of a sidewalk.

When I look back there I can’t help thinking of that documentary Life After People. Nature takes over.

and I have absolutely no desire to interfere in any way. I am transfixed as I watch it crumbling all around me. 

It appears I have taken my little embroidery to heart.


PS. Blogger refuses to let me link that second image which belongs to Marina Molares. More of her series on nature taking over can be found @


  1. Love it love it love it … both of these last posts… I'm only on my laptop sporadically due to little bitty hands … 😉

    But I read it all! great photographs… nature will take over… for sure.


  2. Carolyn, glad you “check in”. I'd miss you if you didn't!

    Kristin, what an image yes, the vines slowly creeping their way in.

    Ms Moon, It does feel like a battle and most especially where you are where everything seems to be on growth steroids. It is exhausting.

    A….really? My s-i-l was telling me about some pot farmers in Hawaii that live in giant tents in the jungle. Now that sounds about right.

    Thank you Angella!


  3. Dear Miss Yolie!
    I just discovered you here – somehow my feedreader had taken from some older 'verge' stream, and I have not seen posts from you in many a Moon. I will enjoy catching up with Yolieness. Love to you. xxxj


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