This morning I went to see the Vivian Maier show at Cal Poly. I never would have known about it if I hadn’t been so sleepy and tired and sick to death of being at work last night. It was dead quiet except for the lunatic wandering into hotel lobbies and being all disheveled and threatening. I picked up the free paper to read my horoscope which told me I have to master the fine art of loving myself.  And so I loved myself so much I took myself to see the exhibit I read about in the tiny arts section of the paper.

There weren’t many photographs but with Vivian Maier, you don’t need many. Just a handful will keep your eyes rolling around in their sockets.

There was only one of her self portraits in the show but there are many more here and they are extraordinary. As are all of her photos. What an amazing story. How lucky we are that someone discovered these long hidden and forgotten treasures.

Go have a look and love yourself like you deserve to be loved.


  1. Ms Moon, it is something worth pondering…something so ridiculously simple sounding but so complex.

    A…aren't they amazing? I keep going back and back again. So happy to be able to look at my leisure. Thank you internet!

    Elizabeth, I'll bet anything this or some other showing will be in LA and then there is the movie to be released next month.

    Angella, I am so grateful to find these treasures and so happy you appreciate them. Thank you!

    Kristin, Her story is as moving as her photographs. Glad you loved it too.


  2. I saw her work in Chicago. It had just been uncovered the week before. There were many (false in my opinion) comparisons at the time to Henry Darger also Chicago's son. VM was astounding truly astounding. What a gift that her work was discovered and can be seen by us now.


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