In Between Storms

We had a good one last night. A real pour down that did not last long but gave us a good soaking.  A larger storm is predicted for tomorrow with high winds and lightning. Woo hoo!  I do love a good rain storm. It washes the world clean.  The earth shook a few moments ago, a 4.5 it seems like. The earth flexing it’s muscles and the sky busting open. It’s a powerful show we are witnessing. 
During this intermission I scrambled to get my solar power hooked up for El Viejo but the instructions suddenly took a turn I could not follow so looks like I will have to wait for a greater mind to help me out. He’ll be around later tonight. In the meantime I made a delicious minestrone soup yesterday and bought firewood and borrowed a movie from the library as well as a couple of good books. 
One of which is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Dark but engaging right from the start. I’ve got this in the oven and I’m thinking on and loving this:

Finally a god for the rest of us. One we can create to our individual liking.

There you go.


  1. Ms Moon, Ain't it though? I am pondering my religions tenets, rituals and dress codes. I'm going for a humorous but not cruel god/goddess. One who will not shake the earth too violently.

    Sheryl, I think this storm is headed your way. Yay!


  2. Carolyn, it's only March, the trickiest month of all! I am astounded at how quickly this year is going by already. Hang in there it will be spring in about 5 minutes.


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