What Used to Be…

Our house used to be golden. It’s not that anymore, it has become a burden to me. I no longer care for it. No matter how much I purge, stuff creeps in, like water rising in a sinking boat.  I know to some this house would seem incredibly small but to me, it’s too much. My needs are shrinking, I dream of a smaller place with only the necessities. My Viejo fits the bill for now. I think I’ve got the solar worked out. We shall see. I am leaving any minute now heading east.
See you out there.


  1. Like you, i have recently understood how little i truly need; i packed up all my clothes and now have 5 or 6 options left out that i rotate through and i love not having to think too much about clothes and stuff, i love the bare spaces i have made and i am a soldier keeping my love's things from encroaching too much on all this light and air, i gave hime three empty drawers on his side of the room that i can put his stuff in when he discards them on the dresser, the bed, everywhere, because i am becoming more minimalist and thank god some part of him understands. How far east are you traveling?


  2. 'morning, Yolanda… pretty colors but your Viejo will have changing colors daily ~ even hourly.

    I am trying to make up mind about this house. I absolutely drive me insane with the indecision….

    Heading East? looking forward to reading all about it!


  3. Angella, I wonder what this need to simplify is all about. Is it a normal progression or a reaction to the state of world? Both? I love the bare spaces as well.
    Soldier on.
    I don't expect I'll make it out of Ca this go round. I've been here so many years and have not seen most of it.

    Carolyn, Indecision is a killer!

    “He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his whole life on one foot.”
    This is true for me.

    Ms Moon, The pictures I've seen of your house are magical. It seems like a living breathing thing. Like most houses I think, but yours has a kind of mystery that I imagine would keep one engaged for a long time. This house has too many unfond memories for me and I can't seem to get past them.


  4. the need to purge presses me on I just piled a bunch of books up to make space because I have this ridiculous belief that if I make space something will come to fill it though I mostly have empty holes now in 600 sq feet
    love and travel safely and love


  5. Rebecca, books are the hardest thing for me to purge! We have gotten rid of most but there are some that I just cannot part with. It's true! Something will fill the space. Even if you don't want it to.
    Happy Ash Wednesday to you.


  6. I'm having hints of the re-house leanings. But yeah, I'm a bit of a one-footer, or maybe two heels dug in.
    Quote from the radio last night, attributed to Yogi Berra: When you come to a fork in the road, take it.


  7. I have this need to simplify as well but find it nearly impossible to do so — particularly with books and the various beloved tchotkes (is that the way you spell it?). In any case, I love that golden wall and I wish you safe travels.

    By the way, my burlap Buddha bag that you made finally wore out, but since I keep everything, I put a favorite necklace inside of it and put it in my drawer.


  8. A…Love that quote.
    Nothing wrong with being a “one-footer”….if you're dancing.

    Elizabeth. Alas, burlap does that. It makes me happy though that the bag is still serving a purpose, tucked away…

    Sheryl, you and me both sister!


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