Dream Sequence

I dreamed I was in a play but it was being filmed on the ocean at night. There were a few of us in some sort of invisible floating craft when we all saw a whale approaching. I was already scared of being in the ocean AT NIGHT and we were in the path of this whale with no possible way to escape so we stopped and floated and I held out my hand to stroke it as it swam by. Imagine that.  I woke up and told Tearful right away because my dream world is elusive, dreams slip through my brain like water through an open palm.
This one was too good to let slip. I stroked a whale. 


  1. That sounds wonderful. I dreamed I was going swimming in a swimming pool but when I got there, the pool was full of little children in some sort of swim class. It was so disappointing. When I woke up I realized that I dream about trying to go swimming regularly but something always interfers – the water runs out. Can't find the pool. And other things I've forgotten.


  2. Rebecca, Thank you. I don't remember ever dreaming about being in the ocean. It's a scary place for me so yes, this dream felt like…an opening, a loosening of some kind.
    That soup you made looks divine.


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