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I’m not fooling around this time.  Seriously. I got rid of more than half my clothes AND I’m not done yet. I am considering a uniform, religious garb of some kind. Once I get my religion right. I’m still working on that. I will have three or four “sets”. One on, one off, one in the wash and an extra for emergencies.
Stay tuned.
We moved from our little house (900 + square feet) to a tinier “house” ( 210 square feet).  What I didn’t give to the Goodwill I gave to my daughter who now lives in the “big” house with her family. Everyone is happier with this arrangement. Tearful built us a loft bed and is building us a bath house and dressing room area. He’s amazing once he gets going. Says he doesn’t know how to build things yet he has been building things for years. Including our new home. I’ll say something like, “we need a …” and he will almost always say it can’t be done and then he goes and does it. Just like that.
So, living small. It works beautifully. Everything has a place and there are no unnecessary things. I’m loving it. It makes me feel…calm.

Though it is a work in progress, here is the kitchen as it was a few days ago. We are still tweaking things. 
That’s the groovy loft bed above.
this morning.
It’s quiet and the light in here is always beautiful. The Japanese maple right in front of those doors is just starting to put out fresh leaves and the roses are blooming.  There is a break in the rain just now so I’ll scoot out and run my errands and hurry back to watch the rain when it comes again.


  1. This looks like utter perfection.
    I used to have a friend who always said, “I do love a man with power tools who can take instruction.”
    I believe you have one of those.
    I have a man with power tools but he doesn't take instruction that well.
    Still, I love him.


  2. Ms Moon, It's pretty close.
    yes, you've got to love a man with power tools. whether or not he takes instruction. Sooner or later he'll get around to using them.

    Angella, the light, the soft tinkling of the wind chimes, the doves cooing, what more can a girl ask for?


  3. The entire little new house is windows! … oh, Yolanda! absolutely perfect.

    Jeeeeeeezus I could live there… all I want or need. love love love it

    HAHaaaaa ~ get your religion right… HAHaaaa … oh, me


  4. It looks so lovely and yes I am in my purging cycle again have been taking boxes and boxes of stuff out of the house and to goodwill or the blue box on the street. I actually have big space on my bookshelf now. 600 sq feet but if I were alone I could easily live in a smaller space. Well done! Wishing you continuing calm with a pinch of great and beautiful excitement.


  5. We live in our 600 sq feet guest house while we are finishing the house. Our last guest house was 250 sq feet and I love both of them! My husband can build anything and it is amazing what you can put in 200 or 600 sq feet. I do have to say I like the 600sq foot one because we have the separate bedroom from the living room…one day you will see it, I hope.


  6. Carolyn, yes, lots of windows, lots of light and high ceiling. It's pretty and cozy. Especially with this rain.

    Thank you Rebecca! Whatever religion I settle on will have to feature purging of objects, (not food).
    I love your new dresser!

    Sheryl, it is amazing how little we really need. The separate bedroom would be lovely, hope I do get to see it some day!

    I am enjoying the cozy feeling of the loft, except for middle of the night bathroom calls!


  7. I love the groovy loft bed being attached right to the walls. When I redo my studio, I think I will try to do something like that, not for my old bones, but for sleepovers by kids and grands.


  8. It's wonderful, and I love the idea of the religious garb. I guess my ersatz version for decades consists of the jeans and a few shirts I just keep cycling through since I haven't figured out a more versatile, age-appropriate equivalent…


  9. Thanks A. I'm loving this little space and am sort of practicing for the religious garb idea. I think if it's beautiful and comfortable and can somehow be added to (patches, beads,dyes, sleeves?), it might work. I dunno know. For now I too am cycling through the same 4-5 outfits. like my desserts. chocolate cookies or pear cake.


  10. Patches. I like that. In hippie days I used to embroider imaginary landscapes to give away for patches and insignias. Because those were magical times, as often as not
    the recipients recognized the places.


  11. LaVonne I have been trying for years to figure out how best to do this. He's a good one. Here is a link to his blog if you'd like some light reading and mind blowing art.

    Been meaning to write you. I'm excited about your new project. Good on you!


  12. I love the idea of living small. Smallness is next to godliness, I think. Small. Clean. Simple.

    Ever since I read an article a year or so ago about tiny houses, I've been aspiring to owning one in my future.

    Are you and Dish down to one dog? What does the beastie think of the smaller digs?

    Your small house is so homey. So cozy.

    Best thing you said in this post, in my humble estimation is:

    Once I get my religion right. I'm still working on that.

    I feel more in every moment lately than I ever have in my life. I don't believe in god. I believe in nature. I'm still working, without any real conscious exertion, on getting my so-called religion right. I'll get there someday. I think.

    Just wanted to say hello. I stop by here often and love your posts. I rarely say that what you say here speaks to me, but it does.


  13. Thank you LKD. I agree, living small
    simplifies and brings things into a clear and calming focus. I'm loving it.
    And yes, we are down to just Lu and she is living in the “big” house with my daughter and her family. Not sure she likes the new arrangement but she will adapt.

    Maybe god is nature? I too am not working terribly hard at my religion. I'm letting it “unfold”. I'm keeping eyes, ears and heart open for any signs. That feels right so I'm going with it.
    I'm so grateful for your visit and your thoughts.
    Thank you!


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