I’m having one of those days. A glance in the mirror reflected this face back to me.  Is no one else alarmed?

I planted spinach and broccoli rabe because I had some seeds. I put the pot inside on the windowsill in the laundry room so no critters can interfere and I can easily mist the soil. It is a hopeful act.

Since I’ve been home I donated more than half of all my clothes to the Goodwill, where most of them came from. Making ready for a move. Again.

My daughter had her baby’s picture took this morning. He weighs roughly 5 lbs. She looks like she’s ready.

If someone would poke out the eyes of the hawks
We sparrows could dance wherever we please!

~Han Shan


  1. My god, Ms. Yolie! So much in these few lines!
    I have tender hopes for your sprouts and great hopes for your grandchild who is still within his mother where he is still safe from hawks and all manner of earthly problems. May his being-born be joyful as he tumbles into this light of spring.


  2. Dear Yolie, I wish I could lend you my eyes, so you could see your radiance and light. There is so much going on, your world is about to change once again, a new grand baby! You're allowed to feel out of sorts, sit with it, hold it lightly and it will leave soon enough. You, my love, are a true beauty. Look again. Xo


  3. That's quite a reflection, Yolanda! Almost as scary as my post about my accidentally seeing me in a mirror…

    Scary stuff, reflections. real or imagined.

    oh 5 lbs… a new little life joining us all. Mr. Chips ready? 😉


  4. Ms Moon, Thank you for your beautiful blessing.
    Tender and Great Hopes.

    Angella, Thank you for seeing all that radiance and light and for your wise counsel which I take with gratitude and love.

    Carolyn, It's those accidental sightings that sometimes take you by surprise. Scary surprise!
    Mr Chips is in no way ready. We're all a little scared about his reaction.

    Elizabeth, I had not noticed the blood!

    Sheryl, No not that far. You'll laugh at how not far we are moving.


  5. I have seen that face in the mirror. It appears when I am “properly” medicated. The mouth moves and says YES or NO appropriately when the strings are pulled. The blue eyes blaze but no longer move in their sockets. There might be blood or perhaps I decided to wear lipstick for once and forgot my early training on applying makeup that I learned in the toilet at Holy Names Academy for Wayward Girls.



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