The dreary gray skies have opened and turned the clearest blue I’ve seen in weeks!  As blue as this Pride of Madera….

Blue skies and a chilly wind blowing in from the ocean.

This is the state of the weather in these parts.

Meanwhile we may have a baby to tend to in the next day or two.  I feel a little breathless just thinking about it. Don’t know how Mr Chips is going to like any of it, he’s quite used to being the BIG and ONLY boy king around the compound and he is NOT a tender little guy. I cannot imagine what he thinks when his “Mon” points to her belly and says “baby”.  Or what he will think when a little bundle of soft sweet baby brother is brought into the nest and he will have to share his “Mon’s” attention and affection. He will adjust of course. We all do. Somehow.

This morning I listened to this TED talk and have tried to embed the video here but blogger will not cooperate so I place instead the link…


It is a wonderful talk by the very charismatic Benjamin Zander.  His story at the end about the importance of what we say, the words that come out of our mouths, has been echoing in my ear all day. Go have a listen if you have a spare 20 minutes.


  1. I will watch the video in awhile but I just wanted to say that your little man will probably fall deeply in love with his brother. I hope so. Owen certainly has. I was so afraid he was going to be jealous but he has not been at all. It's been rather miraculous, actually.
    Anyway, all best wishes for a good and safe birth and please let us know when this new one arrives.


  2. Thank you Mary! I will of course let you all know when he arrives. Owen is a good big brother and I'm sure Chips will be too. Once he gets used to the idea.

    Angella, the tides are turning here. More male energy around than female. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.


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