An Ordinary Miracle

Birth and death. It happens everyday. There is nothing extraordinary about it. It’s how we all get here and how we all shall take our leave one day. And yet. Witnessing the birth of my grand baby this afternoon was miraculous. Talk about being in THE MOMENT.  Weeping with joy holding my girl while she pushed her baby into the world with a laugh. She wept and chuckled him right out of her body. It was…miraculous.

Mother, Father and beautiful baby boy are all doing swell. Grandmother and big brother? We snuggled up on the sofa and watched tv until his little head slumped to one side and his breath became a quiet snuffle.

 What a day.

There is a soft warm halo around everything. The world feels fresh, the sky clean, the earth glimmering, my heart as swollen and tender with love as it has ever been. Welcome baby Ryland. Welcome to your life.


  1. sniff bawl and laugh all at the same time! how precious, Yolanda … so happy for you and yours.

    little baby boy … tears in my coffee this morning but the right kind of tears!



  2. Thank you all! We're all kind of awash in squishy love. Little babies! They put out some kind of pheromone that makes you want to hold them close and smell them and stare at them until your eyeballs hurt.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your well wishes and blessings.


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