Settling In

Here we all are. Settling in to life with baby. I’m happy to report that Mr Chips loves the new guy. He is tender and sweet with him, kissing and holding him and insisting he be close by at all times. Unfortunately the sweetness does not extend to everyone else. The zen baby is cool but everyone else must die!

This, like everything else will pass.

The sun finally showed up hot and shiny. We’re having a heat wave and that means it’s up in the high 80’s and we’re all sweaty and lethargic. I sold my beloved Viejo and am on the hunt for my next vehicle. I know! I can’t control me. My next adventure will be with the Monk. We will be driving to “sort out” his land somewhere in Colorado.

There is a wonderful story about one of his many projects here.



  1. Oh. Just bless. Every one of you. The new baby, Mr. Chips, the mama, the daddy, the grandmama, the granddaddy, the Monk, the turtle, the birds.
    It is a cool rainy day here in North Florida and I am thinking of you all with great waves of love and peace in my heart.


  2. Thank you Ms Moon. Your blessings are like cool rain.

    Angella, it's a beautiful thing to see. The Monk and I grew up together. He is a brother to me.

    Kristin, seriously, we need helmets and pads and shields.


  3. Carolyn, My bloglovin misses posts all the time. I miss my google reader!
    Yes, El Viejo is gone to a sweet family. I am on the hunt for another rig.
    The Monk is a friend I grew up with. He is like a brother to me. He is a Buddhist monk, lives in a temple in NYC.


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