Dances with French Fries

The French Fry bush is in full bloom. The wind blows through and scatters the tiny white blossoms on my head and arms and feet as I practice my yoga. Lu joined me this morning and did her yoga, a  s l o w dance around the perimeter of the deck, her back festooned with French Fry blossoms.

The lair is a holy place, that smells like french fries.


  1. Well… I just dropped evah thang and ran over here when my blog roll said … Dances with French Fries..

    lol ~ great picture! a plant with a french fry smell? I never.

    Have I missed a picture of this plant?


  2. Ms Moon, at first I thought it was just me having a french fry craving fit. But no. Do you have the grape scented tree too? Scurfy Pea I think it's called.


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