French Fry Bush and Fat Baby

Here it is. The French Fry Bush. The Quan Yin is out of focus so you can’t see her smile. I don’t know that I would be smiling if I had to sit and smell french fries all day but, she is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. French Fries, toddlers, babies, dancing bulldogs, all are welcome and loved and held in her loving embrace.

The little white blossoms turn into red berries in the fall. Anyone know this bush?

I am road weary. I have traveled all of California looking for a vehicle. I have become a Craigslist Connoisseur.  I have come so close but one thing and then another, has blown the deal. I am starting to worry.  Time is running out. If I have to settle for something less than perfect, I won’t have much time to work on it before the Monk arrives at the end of June. I go between feeling the right one will present itself and feeling like I should just take the one in front of me now that is less than.

I don’t know.

I am taking the day off of looking. I spent the morning with the cute baby.  I had Pandora tuned to the Opera station and held him so he could gaze at the quilt that hangs on the wall and which makes his eyes go all bright and shiny. He stares and goes into a trance.  He’s grown quite large, he now has more than one chin, but look at how dapper he is!

He was so entranced by the music and the quilt that he let me finish my book, The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis. I don’t remember where I got this title but wherever it was, I thank you.  A wonderful read.
And Thank You fat little baby!


  1. I can't believe that is the baby!! Going to check out the queen's gambit…I just finished The Book Thief…I thought it was very good. Just starting The Kindness of Strangers about a guy who travels the country with no money…pretty good so far…


  2. Ms Moon, He is most definitely Buddha Baby. Gets his belly rubbed regularly too. Thanks for the well wishes. From your lips…

    Angella, Thank you. I don't remember ever seeing this plant in NY but then I wasn't looking back then and when I did, all I really noticed (and loved!) were the lilacs and the forsythia. I have always loved spring in NY.

    A. Doesn't he though? He seems much too “grown up” to be a month old. Could it be the way of a second child?

    Elizabeth, yes, exactly!

    Sheryl, I just started The Kindness of Strangers too! On to check on The Book Thief. I've been doing a lot of driving and listening to books lately. The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks and A State of Wonder by Ann Patchet were two favorites.


  3. hahaaa yes… Buddha baby … how adorable, Yolanda! and whatta bush!

    yeah… don't buy something you'll regret … all of a sudden while driving about you'll screech to a halt at a for sale sign … walk in and voila! your vehicle…

    yes.. that's the way it will be 😉


  4. Beautiful baby boy!He is dapper 🙂

    That looks to be a viburnum. I have several varieties growing in my yard, some native, some planted. Love them.


  5. Mel, I think you are correct. I did a search and it looks like the viburnum lantana.
    Thank you!!

    He is pretty dapper. Already grown out of so many of his clothes.


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