Drowning In Sweetness

How the Trees on Summer Nights Turn into a Dark River

how you can never reach it, no matter how hard you try,
walking as fast as you can, but getting nowhere,
arms and legs pumping, sweat drizzling in rivulets;
each year, a little slower, more creaks and aches, less breath.
Ah, but these soft nights, air like a warm bath, the dusky wings
of bats careening crazily overhead, and you’d think the road
goes on forever. Apollinaire wrote, “What isn’t given to love
is so much wasted,” and I wonder what I haven’t given yet.
A thin comma moon rises orange, a skinny slice of melon,
so delicious I could drown in its sweetness. Or eat the whole
thing, down to the rind. Always, this hunger for more.

Barbara Crooker

Wedding plans continue. I’m so thrilled it will happen soon. I can’t imagine how anyone plans for months on end. I don’t think I could stand it. I’m more of a let’s do it right now kind of girl. So is my beautiful daughter. 
We are so goofy happy around here.

I’ve been making malas. I made a beauty for the monk but forgot to get pictures. He wore his every day we swam in LA and his tassel faded and got all fluffy and he started sewing it and adding to it and I know next I see it, it will be some beautiful thing. 

Here is the one I made for myself.

It’s a beautiful thing. I love wearing it. 



  1. Gorgeous! All of it. The colors vibrant blue and orange are my favorite colors together also hot pink and red. It is a beautiful thing you are a beautiful thing and I'm glad the wedding is moving along apace I have no truck with that whole pleasure delaying stuff.


  2. Glen and I decided on a Monday to get married on Thursday. And we did. And it was lovely.
    My Lord but your mala is beautiful. So is that poem.
    Always more. Always. Of this which I already have. Much love to all and I hope we get to see pictures.


  3. Ms Moon, When you know, you know. Scotty and I met for dinner and he never went home. Or he did, depending on how you look at it.
    There will be pictures!
    love, yo


  4. So exciting! Yes, please, pictures, pictures. And your mala is so beautiful, my favorite blend of colors, so beautifully arrayed. I'm thrilled by the goofy happiness you describe. So thrilled for your family.


  5. Aw, Yolanda… so happy for you and yours … and Monk's tassel faded and got fluffy? tsk! love the one you made you … the colors! I love the poem …

    lots of pictures!


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