Tying the Knots

The sweet peas are almost done blooming, it’s hot and sunny and I’m learning to tie knots. I started on Sunday and have been struggling through you tube videos and maddeningly complicated illustrations. It started with the Pan Chang knot which I spent hours studying and trying to knot before I decided to start on something simple, like my shoelaces. I borrowed some books from the library to work my way through.
Like tea, there is a whole rich world of knots.

Looks simple right.

There are grand babies involved in every day life and now, a wedding to plan. My daughter is taking the plunge. SOON. It’s all wedding plans, all day, every channel. I’m so over the moon happy for her I could cry.


  1. oh, yay for your daughter! a wedding to plan … what fun! I used to could tie a bunch of knots back in the day when I could see a whole lot better up close. ! old age business gets on m'nerves.

    I did a lot of macrame … I recognize that bead in your picture … I had a bead shop and loved ceramic beads … especially the blue and white

    I'm very very happy for you! and your daughter and the babies and everyone!


  2. I love that there's so much beautiful knot-tying going round. I feel privileged that we will get to come here and see what's happening, how things are unfolding. I can imagine how beautiful and joyous this wedding will be —


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