I’m back in my crooked little house, living my crooked little life. This was the view this morning from the way back deck/ lair/ yoga deck. You can just see the blue plastic pool where my little Kale Chips Ahoy was bathing his dinosaurs.

This morning I bustled my daughter’s wedding dress. I had no notion such a thing existed but it does. It’s called a french bustle and it was easy to do and made me look like some kind of genius seamstress in my daughter’s eyes. Priceless.

We tried the fat baby’s suit on him and he looks like the hulk when he’s already bust out of his clothes.

I enjoyed my time in the big city but it’s nice to be home where I find things like this….

in my bathroom.
Along with lizards and nasturtiums.

Also people go to the grocery store in their pajamas here.


  1. That picture of the cage made me laugh. And The Hulk. And when you wrote bustling I thought it meant you were pluffing it up with your hands or something. I never had that fancy of a wedding. Welcome home. All that blue! love you


  2. Rebecca, I laughed out loud when I saw those two going at it in the cage.
    I got married barefoot on the beach and never imagined my daughter would go so fancy, though I should have known. All those dress up tea parties we had when she was growing up.

    keeping good thoughts for you and your surfer.


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