Wings In My Belly

The wedding is in 3 days. I have that feeling you get when you know you’ve forgotten something BIG but your mind won’t give it up. It’s hiding it somewhere waiting until it’s too late before revealing what it is. And here I am sitting around watching the butterflies floating around the Jupiters Beard with a million flapping wings in my belly.

I made a most beautiful jacket to wear over my dress.  I got all Project Runway on myself and hacked a pattern to my own specifications and then started hand sewing wavy seams around the hem and cuffs and then added a binding around the edge. I wanted to add some beading in but stopped myself. I might do it later. The fabric I used had been tucked away for a couple of years waiting for this jacket. A creamy ivory silk brocade.

Is it officially Autumn yet? Peaches are done, that’s for sure. I’m always a little sad when the peaches are done.

The Last Perfect Season

by Joyce Sutphen

No one knew it then, but that was the last
perfect season, the last time sky and earth

were so balanced that when we walked,
we flew, the last time we could pick a crate

of strawberries every morning in June,
the last time the mystical threshing

machine appeared at the edge of the field,
dividing the oats from the chaff, time of

hollyhocks and sprinklers, white clouds over
a tin roof. Everyone we knew was young then.

Our mothers wore dresses the color of
dove wings, slim at the waist, skirts flaring

just enough to let the folds drape slightly,
like the elegant suits our fathers wore,

shirts so white they dazzled even
the grainy eye of the camera when

we looked down into the viewfinder to
press the button that would keep us there,

as if we already knew that this was
as good as it was ever going to get.


  1. Three days! Whether you forget something or not, it will be beautiful dear Yollie.

    I, too, would love to see that jacket, preferably a picture of you wearing it!

    And that poem. I am in tears. So many tears in me this morning. Thank you for that poem.


  2. Angella, Thank you! That poem tore my heart wide open. I know it's a tough time for you. I'm so humbled that you find the time to come here and read and spread the love.


  3. A. I am smitten with this jacket. It was just one of those things that “flowed”.
    Just after this post I found peaches at the store. I bought two though I know full well that their time is past.


  4. Elizabeth, and now it is 1 day!
    Great Leader is melting down with great gusto at fairly regular intervals. He also comes and gives me kisses and hugs and shows me every bug he finds so, pretty good overall.


  5. I guess the wedding has happened since I am so late getting around to read. Congratulations and happiness all around and looking forward to the picture of you and the wonderful outfit. The poem is so good.


  6. LaVonne, The wedding was such a whirlwind, there may be a picture of the jacket, there may not. It is currently in my laundry bucket! I only wore it for five minutes as it was too hot.


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