My Baby Girl Got Married

Under the oak trees at her Grandfather’s house.

She was a gorgeous bride.
It was a glorious day.
All went well.
Tearful walked her up the aisle…

Mom fussed at her dress…

We are recovering after all the festivities. Big smiles on our faces. Grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon us. 


  1. Oh Yolie! You are all so beautiful, your joy reaches right out of this post and wraps itself around my heart. I can barely stand it. I am so happy for you all. You're all just astonishingly radiant. I'm going right back to look at all the pictures again. Gosh you and Scott are a good-looking pair! And your daughter, just gorgeous! I love that picture of bride and groom kissing while holding those rambunctious boys. Oh Yolie. Such joy.


  2. Yolie- Oh my goodness gracious! I looked at these last night when I was semi-conscious from dental drugs and I knew I couldn't give this the post the comment it deserves and here I am today and I still can't.
    Beauty, love, gorgeousness, happiness, light, joy, squirming, lovely boys…
    Everything which makes my heart happy.
    Thank you SO much for letting us peek in. Thank you.
    Pure radiance.


  3. WOW and OOOOOH and AHHHHHH … so glad I checked in! I've been away from bloggin for too long!

    Sooo happy for you and yours … those g'babies???!!!! what gorgeous littles ones and you look mahvelous dahling and your husband is handsome and her dress is gorgeous and I just love the whole thang!

    yay! what a happy happy post!


  4. Beautiful bride. Beautiful dress. (beautiful tattoo sleeve—I am coveting it!) Beautiful, beyond beautiful, babies. Beautiful family. Beautiful day.

    Beautiful, beautiful happiness.

    It makes me smile and smile to see all of this beauty and happiness.

    Congratulations to your daughter, and to your family.


  5. I told Tearful a long time ago that everything would find a way to work out okay. And clearly: I was right! Very nice to see such happy faces, such wonderful futures!


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