1. She's just beautiful, and her performance in Beloved, which tore me to shreds as a novel, was utterly extraordinary. What this piece makes me think of, though, is a part of my daughter's existential dilemma as a person who is so inexorably Other. She's aware, unable to speak or move, that she is too impaired to project a workable interfacing self. I'm pretty sure that is why she has been interested in acting, and the processes of actors, ever since she was small. When they were available on YouTube we used to watch episodes of Inside the Actor's Studio, interviews that often revealed little glimpses of the beings who imagine themselves into inhabiting different selves. In a way, this is actually a very fascinating an active form of empathy.
    I know the subject of acting was not your point in posting this, so apologize for the caffeinated digression.


  2. I remember when i used to be able to almost be other people by looking into their eyes while they were talking to me. I felt that way anyway. This was a very moving talk.


  3. That is a mesmerizing piece — thank you so much for posting it. I, like A, have a child with no ability to project a “workable interfacing self,” and I've always struggled on how and whether to “define her.” Despite no language and very limited communication, she is intensely connected to some people, probably those who do not see Other.


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