The winter rubber tramp rendezvous is in full swing. This morning a small group of us sat meditation. When the starting bell chimed, the first drop of rain fell. It fell for a few more moments and then stopped and then the wind started to blow and then it stopped and the rain started again. It was a beautiful practice. Not only sitting through the weather but the sounds of a camp coming to life was, to me, a perfect opportunity to practice being present and not attached. It all comes and goes no need to do anything but watch.
And then do the laundry.
Drove the 6 or 7 miles to the laundromat where you can also have a shower and eat breakfast whilst your clothes become clean for around $3 and where you can listen to conversations about 6 volt vs 12 volt batteries for you rig. I rode my bike around town for a bit but hurried back to camp after stocking up on water and ice. There are seminars every morning and organized (and unorganized) get togethers. Tonight was a very well organized chili dinner. Everyone brought something to add to the pots of beef, vegetarian and vegan(?) chili.
Thanks to Justin from Salt Lake City, I now have a solar panel installed on the top of my little Helen connected to an inverter which is connected to a battery which connects me to….the world! Out here in the middle of NOWHERE, I have water, heat, and electricity! And a tribe.
And chocolate.


I'm listening

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