I’ve gone and left Quartzsite. I spent the last two days looking at rocks. It’s an amazing array of gems and I was so out of my league. This morning I found a vendor that took me by the hand and showed me his “million dollar suitcase” filled with the most astounding strands of opals and garnets and such. He wore a cowboy hat and was smoking a big cigar. He told me how he started cutting stones when he was 17 at some hippy shack in West Virginia. It was more than I could absorb. I bought an Orbicular Jasper pendant that caught my eye and wasn’t too dear.

I paid $1.97 for a gallon of gas on my way out of town. Up 8 cents since yesterday.

I drove 86 miles south to Yuma. Drove through the US Army Yuma proving grounds where Colonel Randy Murray is in command. Of what? I couldn’t say. There were signs everywhere to watch for the wildlife but the only wild things I saw were the Canadians zooming past me on the two lane highway.

I drove straight to Q, the casino right on the border of Arizona, California and Mexico. This is our meet up place. A group of us are crossing the border on Friday and heading to San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez. I don’t think driving 175 miles for a fish taco is too crazy. Do you?

I thought I’d go in and throw $5 at a machine but wound up spending $11 on a martini and watching everyone else gamble instead.

I’m huddled here in the parking lot between hundreds of million dollar rigs! This is THE stopping place for Americans on their way to Algodones Mexico where one can get a million dollar smile for less than half of what it would cost here in the USofA, only 2 or 3 miles from the border. I’m guessing there aren’t too many dentists making big bank in Yuma.

Scenes from Quartzsite…


  1. Rebecca, I agree.
    I should probably now add Spokane to
    my growing list of road trips.

    Stephanie, The whole town is priceless. You can't make that stuff up.


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