I moved camp yesterday. My spot was great but it wasn’t terribly level. I didn’t mind it much but the water in the shower wouldn’t drain unless I righted the ship.

I moved closer to Lesa and Evelyn two solo nomads. Evelyn is a retired cowgirl/dog groomer who drives a big old truck with a camper and has a black standard poodle named Charlie.  Lesa is by her fire every morning making cowboy coffee in a big black enamel coffee pot. This morning she had an amazing apple crisp and yesterday she baked bread. On the fire. Yea. She can cure what ails you.

At night there are lots of small fire rings with small groups sitting around them talking story under a star filled sky. Primal.

The free pile continues to be the best place for a nap…

And when camp gets too boring…


  1. This is a magnificent life you're living that you get to do this, and the best part is that you yourself created this magic, and it is so freakin inspiring to contemplate the experience you are having, the connection, the flow. Thank you for being here on the planet at the same time I am, and for letting me bask in your light. I adore you, woman.


  2. Ms Moon, it is pretty gorgeous. Cozumel is on my list of places to go some day. For now, I'll be heading out next week down to Baja!

    Angella, What a blessing having you share this adventure. You bring light into my life each and every day. Thank you.

    A….I am super impressed by Lesa. She is amazing. There is always someone at her camp, learning something or just being warmed by her fire.


  3. Wait. There is a word for these women who solo camp and it's not goddess? I am so intrigued, so thrilled by this thing that you're doing — and, inspired by it. Right now, of course, it's not even remotely a possibility, but one day? One day? Hell, yes.


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