Slow Landing

I am home safe and mostly sound. I feel as though I have not fully arrived. That Mexico crossing was long and difficult. Over 2 hours to get across the border. Two hours of peddlers selling candies, ices, trinkets of all kinds. After spending every dollar and peso in my bag, I had none to give when the maimed started begging the closer I crept to the border. It was a heartbreaking experience that is still haunting me.

I drove two full days to get home lickety split. My trusty steed did not let me down. I rode it hard. Thank you Helen Hellenbach!

My grand babies are bigger and louder. Mr Chips is talking in sentences and his words are clearer now though there are some we still cannot decipher.  Dear Leader Baby is thinning out and exploring his world but not with the vengeance his brother did. Baby is quieter in nature, a little shy. He is a careful observer.

I am landing here…

and here…


  1. I am glad to know you are home safe and sound from your adventures. I am sorry you are haunted but of course you are.
    And the chaos and serenity of life. Well. There you are. Little boys and their toys. A place to sit and meditate. A dog lying in the sun.
    Looks perfect to me.


  2. My son Oliver went on a trip to the border recently, and it was an overwhelming and sobering experience for him. Perhaps we all should go at some point, no?

    And that last photo? Priceless!


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