I woke up on the cynical jaded side of the bed this morning.

Receiving a chance to win a prepaid cremation from the Neptune Society did not help.

Neither did going to the new market in town. $13 for a jar of tahini. Really? They had some great stuff like ceramic water bottles $30, and a camping stove for $130. A bakery and a deli with delectable looking food. Young, scrubbed fresh looking smiling faces working the counters and old affluent white people shelling out their dough for gluten free, gently farmed, free to roam, organic goods.

The place used to be called the Hamlet. It was an old restaurant with sticky floors and nasty food but they had jazz every Sunday afternoon and there was a spectacular garden made up of giant old and rare cactus. They tore them all out and planted a mostly edible landscape which I think is grand but I also hated because of the tearing out of the old cactus.

See what I mean?

Meanwhile, I made this yesterday.

Turquoise from Afghanistan, red jade and sandalwood beads from a mala the monk gave me. The big amber bead is resin I think. 

 And I came home to this…

My grandson’s Harley festooned with sourgrass.


  1. I think I am similarly conflicted when I shop at those kinds of stores. Somehow, it all feels like a beautiful play and I am part of the audience but I never feel like the appropriate audience.
    Can I tell you that that necklace makes my heart beat faster? It is perfect and beautiful. It is blessing-jewelry.
    And speaking of blessings- that grandson.


  2. Ms Moon, you would fall down weeping in this place, it's that purdy. But yes, I feel like I'm so not the appropriate audience. I'm feeling too feral these days.
    The necklace made my heart beat faster too. I love when that happens. When what I start making, suddenly starts to make itself.

    Yea. You know all about blessings, Mer mer.


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