I spent the last week up in Reno/Truckee with my beautiful daughter and her savage crew. It was exhausting and lovely. Those boys are a handful. Baby boy likes putting a colander on his head and running around.


He’s got two speeds blur and coma.


His brother only has one speed. It is decidedly NOT coma.

On my way home I stopped for lunch at Panda Express. You might think the eggplant and tofu with a bowl of brown rice a healthy and tasty choice if you’re that kind of crazy. I don’t recommend it, it was about as tasty as soggy cardboard. But.My fortune cookie clinched the deal when I was trying to decide which way to head home with a misbehaving van.


I took the long and scenic route down highway 395 which is absolutely as spectacular as everyone says it is. Unfortunately, the Sportsmobile was not happy and it made for a kind of nerve twisting road trip. I was planning on stopping at Mono Lake and Mammoth Lake and several other spots along the way. Instead I stopped at Tuttle Creek Camp at the foot of Mt Whitney. It was late ish evening when I arrived so I made myself some dinner, popped open a bottle of wine and feasted and then lay down on the picnic table and watched the stars light up the night sky. It was grand and it drained all the worry from my tired bones. It’s a beautiful spot. I can’t wait to go back.


I managed to make it back to the coast in one very tired sweaty piece and even managed a “release” in one of my favorite spots along the Kern River.


This morning the Ommobile II was dropped off for inspection and repair before I head out again next week for the annual Monk Road trip.

Fingers crossed.



  1. I’ve been leaving comments, but I don’t think that you’re getting them. I just love going on your travels with you, and I’m hoping that one day I’ll find one of your precious cast-offs. Those boys are adorable, despite their crazy-making. As the mother of two former crazy-makers, I’ll attest to the fact that they do eventually become calmer!


    • Elizabeth, i can’t figure out what’s going on with comments here. I’m glad this one made it through. The confirmation that these boys will indeed become calmer,civilized maybe, is comforting. My castaways may very well find you!


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