Monk and Me (Chanda) Roadtrip 2015

This year’s annual Monk and me road trip has officially begun. We’re in LA at the lux and fabulous home of my cousins. Eating gourmet food and swimming in the pool under the clearest blue skies imaginable. This is why people live in LA. The weather. That and Sprouts! My favorite supermarket because they make a tasty cranberry and walnut bread and they have Dr Bronner’s Patchouli moisturizer.

We head out in the morning, in a northeasterly direction with the intention of meeting up with friends in Colorado, camping along the way.

The Monk tells me that the Buddha had a driver when he ventured out from his childhood home. His name was Chanda so I’m adopting that name for this trip, especially after I looked it up and found this:

Scenes from LA…

20150622_162954 20150622_125503 20150622_125340


Last year’s trip:


    • Thanks Elizabeth, you too! i guess this blue came with the house, they don’t know the name but it’s stunning. It was a perfect serene retreat before the road trip.


  1. Happy trails, Chanda! I love hearing of your adventures with the monk. He seems to be such a combination of enlightened and of this world, it’s delightful. How wonderful to have such a friend, him, and you.


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