Through the Looking Glass

I have stepped through the looking glass. Again. My days are spent moving through, with and amongst 8.55 million people. The Greatest Show on Earth. Where else can one see a woman pushing a stroller with a parrot in it? A long skinny black man in a long black dress ecstatically doing pirouettes in the cross walk while a sea of people rush across and around him hardly anyone taking notice, or if they do, it’s just another Tuesday…

Buskers on the subway. Disco, violins, cellos, guitars and harps.  The show only costs $2.75 and is profoundly moving to me. I am captivated and find myself in tears at how lovely and lonely and hopeful it all feels.

There is a great healing going on. My oldest daughter has cancer and is in the finest hospital in the city but it isn’t pretty. My partner has stepped onto the healers path. It isn’t pretty either. There’s the News in this country everyday which is uglier than anything. Healing just isn’t pretty or easy. It hurts and it’s going to leave a mark but the hope is that you get through it and the scars become ghosts that walk beside us

lest we forget.

I woke in the middle of the night to a dog growling at the foot of my bed. There was no dog but I keep thinking about that dog.




  1. Yolie, I’m sorry your daughter is going through this, but as you say a great healing happening. You’re in my city. Please let me know if I can come sit with you at the hospital for a spell, or meet you on the corner or in the hospital cafe for coffee or tea, and a hug. Sending so much love.

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  2. sending healing prayers to you and your daughter . . . and for all of us in this times of great difficulty . . . I love your writing.
    with deep gratitude

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  3. Did the dog scare you or just alert you? Just curious…sometimes these things help to bring strength or change our perspectives….your perspective must be somewhat heavy right now- I can’t fully imagine! Love and blessings to you all! oxoxox


    • The dog was definitely menacing. You’re so right about the heaviness. It’s wearing on me. I hope that if he returns he will cut me some slack and just be a French Bulldog that wants to cuddle. XXOO


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