Still here almost gone…





Summer turned to Fall. The streets are carpeted in golden Ginkgo leaves, now sodden and soft from the rains. I feel like a New Yawkah again. There’s a woman who lives on the block that I see almost everyday.  She meowed at me the first time I saw her and that has become our normal greeting when we pass each other.  I have my favorite coffee spots where I hang out and try to sketch strangers without attracting attention. I’ve managed some fun things in between the hard things. I attended a tour/drawing session at The Metropolitan Museum with an artist whose work I’ve long admired, visited with fellow nomads who were passing through, took a few classes at Yoga Union which specializes in Yoga for those of us with back issues. Life changing! Also took a few Kundalini Yoga classes. That’s a whole ‘nother thing.

I took to watching the news incessantly when I first moved into the apartment. It didn’t take long to see the design to capture and manipulate my mind. Still I watched in awe. How is it we submit ourselves knowing full well what’s happening? I switched to The Office episodes as antidote. Laughter is good medicine.

My daughter is mending. It’s a difficult, painful road. She’s tough, she is an Ass Kicker.

I will be leaving soon. Back to…

no, not back to.

Onward. To something else.

I’ll report back.


  1. Your drawings are amazing. You are a most talented woman as well as a real ass-kicker yourself. And beautiful on top of it all. I am sending love to you and to yours from a wet and clammy world where I am greeted with a “meow” several times a day but from a cat being, not a human one.

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  2. So happy to know your daughter is an ass kicker. Ass Kicker! Onward and upward for both of you. We’ll be here for the next installment.


  3. I’ve missed you here — am sorry to hear that your daughter’s not been well, but I’m glad that things are better. Yes, you are a kick-ass woman and writer and artist. Keep at it. Moving on and forward and back. I sure hope that we can meet up at some point!


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