Jumping Babies…

Yesterday our little grand baby jumped out of his crib. No major damage done but holy moly there was a bucket of tears and my little heart was squished up in pain. This little guy, aka Danger Mouse, is a map of bruises, cuts, scrapes, bumps and lumps. He is fearless and scary. He goes whenever danger calls, with relish.
He scares the shit out of me.
He and his parents live behind that door and I feel lucky to have them so close, to see them every day. They are a fresh wind that blows through this house. Sometimes a tornado, a hurricane, a fierce lightning storm, sometimes a warm summer shower. Like last Sunday when my daughter came home from work and cooked a beautiful and delicious meal. Her first one ever!
The good, the bad, the scary.
Embrace it, run for the hills or let it all wash over you. You can then air dry or towel off and have some lunch til the next thing happens.



  1. I just got home from tending my grandsons and I had two, maybe three heart attacks while there. “My mommy lets me do it,” Owen says as he climbs a four-foot headboard and then dives off onto the bed.
    I can only imagine the winds which blow through your house. Hold on tight!


  2. Ms Moon…It's enough to turn your hair a lovely shade of gray. In one afternoon. You know what I'm talking about. All that boy energy over at your place!
    holding tight as I can.


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