Fathers and Sons and Grandsons

Happy Fathers Day 
to the two sweet and loving Fathers that live in this house.
These last two days the little boy in this house has invited me to lay in the hammock with him. We lay in there snuggled against each other and look up into the blazing red leaves of the maple tree and he has a lot to say about that! We gaze out at all the butterflies and bees visiting the lavender and lamb’s ear and the bubbles floating from across the street up into the clear blue sky. We talk about that too. We laugh at the rooster who doesn’t realize the sun has been up for hours dude! He laughs at me imitating the rooster and the jays and he holds my hand and sometimes he signs (yes, he signs!) that he’s pooped and I know it’s not true because he’s not wearing a diaper and I would definitely know if it were true. 
I can’t even breath when I think about how much I’ll miss him.
Packing is almost finished, I’ll be off in the morning if all goes as planned.


  1. I love seeing all your men. And I love that your daughter takes pics of your grandson and sends them to you. she knows you're just as excited to see his every moment as she is. have a wonderful journey, wherever it takes you. i'll be right here, waiting.


  2. Thank you Rebecca! I think once we get a computer the Dishwasher will make his return. I miss him too.
    That orange pot makes magic happen even though it has a small crack, I think that's where the umami gets in.


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