everything i do gonna be kinda funky, from now on…

was the first song that played on the radio on my way across the desert yesterday.

it’s a long hot drive. like one really long hot flash.
I pulled over and slept in a parking lot when I got tired and in the morning drove a few miles and was suddenly in Nevada. wtw? Laughlin Nevada, a smaller gentler Las Vegas. 
Because I didn’t want to pull out my coleman stove and start my oatmeal and make my coffee in that parking lot, I decided Starbucks had to be around somewhere, hence my little detour into Nevada.
I had to walk through the Golden Nugget casino to get there and at 7 am, there weren’t many of us around. I don’t know if it was my chic older woman needing a morning latte look that alerted the casino employee or if he took one look at the crumpled bleary eye old hippie and knew instantly where he needed to direct me. Bless his heart.
After that it was just another endless drive through the desert again to Flagstaff where I am now at the safeway, stocking up on supplies before I head out to the Nomad camp where I hope to learn how to do this boondocking thing in style. 
Among the many things I hope to learn is how to get on the internet out in the middle of nowhere.
Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. I'm mesmerized by your kinda funky journey! Wowza!
    I'll be travelling with you in spirit…
    …and may the Dragon(s)keep you safe!!



  2. I'm so excited to be traveling alongside you in spirit! I love your boldness, you inspire the heck outta me! I will pray to the Internet gods for the magic to hold. Love you!


  3. Oh boy. I sure hope you DO figure out how to get internet in the middle of nowhere because I want to get in on as much of this trip as possible.
    You sure are cute.


  4. welcome ain't for city gals! I love your little trailer icon! used to have one of those and miss it and dream of having another one day. Hope to see some of your post soon.


  5. Rebecca, when I think of Jamie Lee Curtis I think of those yogurt commercials and how she let herself be photographed without photoshop. My kind of girl.
    Thank you.


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