Notes from Camp…

It’s been a week, definitely time for laundry. I’m learning about water conservation and just how much I can get by with. I marvel at those who use only a gallon a day! It can be done and I’m learning from the pros. 
Being here with this amazing group of people is an experience I will treasure for always. The open, generous and joyous atmosphere is so uplifting and rejuvenating.  I wouldn’t trade it for a stay at a spa for anything. 
Yesterday a couple of us drove to Sedona. It was a spectacular drive through sharp switchbacks and steep cliff sides and then it opens out into a valley surrounded by steep red rock cliffs. There is a small tourist strip with all kinds of fanciness but the landscape is what it’s all about. Stunning.
This morning I had a fellow nomad come and help me make my van even more awesome. Thank you Dave!
                                                                         Thank you.


  1. Ms Moon, it sure feels that way. I found this today…

    The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.
    John Muir.

    Angella, I found these nomads on the intertubes, yes, happenstance, karma, fate, all those things.

    Sheryl, It would be a good blog name too wouldn't it?

    love you gals!

    Thanks for following along. I'm reading your blogs when I can but can't always comment with my limited power issues.


  2. It does seem like you've entered into a fantasy life that only some of us have — and I'm so struck by the trees that you've shot — there's something magical about them, almost like a Fellini film or something…


  3. Sedona just took my breath away. I'm not a desert person but I enjoy it for a while … then I got to skedaddle back to green and such

    BUT Sedona? oh, man… what an atmosphere … so relaxing

    So relaxing to read your posts … and the smell of laundry hanging out to dry … ahhhh

    good stuff


  4. Elizabeth, these trees are magical as are the birds and squirrels that gather a few feet away while I do my yoga. It seems we are both living a kind of fantasy at the moment. Elizabeth and Yolanda filled with contentment.

    Carolyn, the town of Sedona itself was not what I expected but the landscape around it was amazing. I want to go back when it's not 100 degrees!

    Jim, It is pretty wonderful. I think many of us dream of it. This whole bunch of brave modern day nomads are living the dream.


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