This is our Christmas Tree…

If you look closely, you will see that yes indeed there are lights on the tree. It’s been up for a couple of weeks and yesterday, it got it’s one and only decoration. A little knitted bottle top cozy. I admit I am liking the minimalist vibe of this tree. Mr Chips comes in the house each morning and plugs it in and then unplugs it and tries to fling the cord across the room and if he put a little more muscle in it, the tree would go along with it.
So, since our last episode, not only has a Christmas tree appeared in our house but I have a new job. Not a full time one but one that takes up a lot of psychic space nonetheless. Not to mention they like me to be there at very specific hours. This whole job thing is seriously cutting in to my refurbishing of El Viejo who sits in the driveway getting pretty, very slowly. 
The process continues.

Namaste Christmas.


  1. Ms Moon…I miss being here! But of course, I hang out at your place much as I can. Always something soul stirring happening over there.
    A new job,yes. At a fancy hotel on the beach. So Not Me. It feels like I'm living an episode of The Office or the movie Office Space. Filing TPS reports, in the wrong folder of course. I soldier on.
    love you.

    Angella, Thank you. Glad you appreciate the kickassness of the tree. Somehow someway the picture was added to Google+ with twinkling lights! Someone tell me how that happened!
    love to you and yours.

    Dear Radish, I hang out at your place much as I can too. REally loving that stitchery!
    love you.


  2. Merry Christmas Carolyn!
    Yea….a job. They don't call it work for nothing, but I'm not complaining. It's getting easier and of course my new Toy Home needs a few things so…


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