Namaste New Year

Everyone in this house is sick (except for tearful cause he’s not here!) and not in that new awesome meaning of that word way but in that snotty, hacking zombie sort of way.  And I have to work today! So why am I not upset? Why don’t I feel put upon and angry and hopeless and fried? Where did this feeling of alright-ness come from? I don’t know. I tell you it just descended upon me like a warm fuzzy blanket and I’m draping it around myself and you too if you draw near.  
I think it may have started with a dusting up of a family “issue/fiasco” that has been going on for years now and is maybe coming to a head. Again. My family is a Novella without the slutty clothes and make-up. This new turn of events, instead of making me seethe with anger and resentment, just made my heart open a little more. It feels all tender and thingy. 
Meanwhile El Viejo has gone on his maiden voyage without me. Without the physical part of me cause I’m there in spirit along with the other part of my brain, my partner, Heirless himself, Mr Tearful. He’s gone off to become enlightened though he already is that.  We finished the interior re-make and I didn’t even have time for a quick photograph before he was off and running. I’m next! Soon after he gets back. One day we may even get to leave together. 
And again, I leave you with this…
“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”



  1. Thank you for sharing your blanket. I hope you all feel better soon, as to illness and may whatever is coming to a head do it and yes, be done and go on. And anything that opens your heart more is just a damn good thing.


  2. Thank you for this perfect perfect post. And the quote. And the blessing that you are. Family drams can twist the heart with all sorts of ugly righteous resentments so the fact that yours only opened is proof of your enlightenment.


  3. Fantastic to hear from you. I have been having a fantastic happy day though there is no rhyme or reason to it. I only slept two hours last night so it may be some kind of happyglitch in my programming but so what? I'll take it when it comes my way.


  4. ohhhh love that quote … I have it on my quote page! absolutely! be done with the damn thing…

    What a great post, Yolanda… I like your warm fuzzy blanket metaphor very much ~ the Universe is on your side… mine too … everyone's side … I see it as a zookeeper … it wants us to be happy ~ gets awfully grumpy when objects are thrown in our space…

    Happy New Year!

    Everyone's been sick around here too … so far I've escaped such …


  5. Ms Moon, you are such a gift.

    Elizabeth…Happy New Year to you! MMXIV blessings and love.

    Angella…Blessings and love to you.

    Rebecca…It makes my heart all thingy to have you here and happy for no reason at all. When I saw the back of your stitchery and read about Alice and the silence I understood entirely. I am silent too, in a good way. Mind fully blown. I want to see more.
    love, love, love.

    A…Babe Pig in the Big City. Not you! The reference. xxoo

    Carolyn, I like your metaphor too.
    I'm glad you've managed to escape the scourge. All that good living


  6. A….I'm so glad you got the reference. It was on my daughter's rotation also. Along with Beauty and The Beast….I used to be able to recite the dialog, including the songs. “Marie! The baguettes!”


  7. Belated Happy New Year. I hope you are feeling well and the new job is life enriching, not soul sucking.

    My family is a Novella too, and I am hoping for your tender and thingy to come to me. I need to visit them but I am stuck, cemented here in the not dealing with any of it place. Far away is blessing and curse.

    I hope Mr. Tearful's enlightment is enhanced and you get to take that trip together this year.

    Thank you also for the Emerson quote, which I need to read daily.



  8. Mel, I agree about the faraway being a blessing and a curse. So many things are that way!

    The job is not really life enriching but definitely wallet enriching and that's something I am grateful for at the moment. My soul will have to be fed in some other manner.
    Tearful is/was indeed enhanced by his short getaway and we are now plotting for future getaways we might make together.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


  9. LaVonne! I am so itching to go! I somehow managed to get my dates wrong and will miss this entire week of RTR goodness. I am planning on making it by the 20th or 21st.
    Bob assures me he will still be around and I hope you will be too! Would love to see you again.


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