He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.

El Viejo returned home from it’s maiden voyage! Yay! 
It’s now almost time for it’s next outing. I will be taking it across the desert and back. It’s not, by any stretch, finished, but I have a feeling finished is a long way off and I have a week off of work now. The time is now!
the entrance….

I removed the bathroom door and replaced it with my sparkly curtain.

The dining room….

A temporary measure. We removed the chairs and tiny table and replaced with suitcase and pillows but it’s just not working for me.  I didn’t finish the pillows properly as I rushed to get it ready for Tearful and I didn’t yet have the legs for the suitcase “table”. I’ll be putting them on today. I’m counting on a brainstorm to hit sometime soon.

The kitchen….

We tore out the carpet and tried a couple of wood floor ideas but the floor is so uneven we gave up and I papered the floor instead and then found this old runner up in the attic. Not practical but will do for now.

The bedroom….

The lounge…..

Found the curtains at Goodwill, cut and hemmed them and used the tabs as ties. Got new foam for the bench and recovered in canvas tarp.

Buddhist Tangka from El Viejo’s first voyage…

The fridge and two kitchen walls were painted with black chalkboard paint because we had some and it looks cool. I’ll have to get more detail photos of other cute stuff but for now, here it is. My toy home.

ETD: Monday


  1. Looks very comfortable, Yolanda. Love the chalkboard paint idea… your sparkly curtain 😉 You know what would be fun and with your crafty skills… back in the 'old' days… macrame made great hangers.

    If you could put hooks … hmmmm wonder if the 'ceiling' above your table area would support just plain ol cup hooks… attach the hanger and use a circle of wood like those found at Walmart or wherever for those little tables …

    am I clear? right … something like this ….http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-MACRAME-PORTRAITS-plant-hangers-book-wall-hanging-70s-table-knots-how-to-/151204247467?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233479b7ab



    I used to make these guys to hold .. gasp! ashtrays, plants … whatever… just slide the table part out when traveling …

    looking good! love the colors 😉


  2. Carolyn, Macrame! It would look great in there though I myself would not want to do it. Too much work! I'm sure I could find something at a thrift store somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Angella, It feels just like that! I hope I have enough power of the electric kind, to keep up here. I may just have to be off grid for the duration! That will be the real challenge.


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