From Humans of New York…

If you could change one thing about adults, what would it be?”
“A lot of them are grumpy.”

WE are! We are so grumpy sometimes. When I saw this I was flooded with the feeling memory of what he’s talking about.
I’m fixing to quit being grumpy tomorrow.

Go see more of Brandon’s amazing portraits  here.


  1. I agree. I know that I am all too often. Irritable, grumpy. Ugh. It's embarrassing, especially because kids so easily pick up on it.

    Thanks for the gentle push to perhaps curb the grumpiness — I'm going to try!


  2. I remember when my granddaughter from New Orleans used to come visit when she was younger – she's 13 now – she would say she was fittin' to do this or that. Anyway, you just reminded me of when she did that. She doesn't do it any more. She's been living in San Antonio for years and she doesn't say beaucoup any more either.


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