WARNING! Bridled Nudity

There is a fierce wind blowing here this morning. Here is a rocky plateau in the desert a few short miles from Quartzsite where I spent the last two nights. Two shockingly quiet nights. The desert seems to absorb sound.
Those last two nights were so still and black save for the twinkling lights of Quartzsite in the distance. It was restful and comforting. The nights were chilly but I stayed warm under all my binkies and though Tearful’s sleeping bag has a nice pad, I found it a bit too confining for my sleeping style which is to thrash and take up as much room as humanly possible. An unconscious wild dance.

 I reunited with fellow nomads. It was great to see Bob and Brad if only to say hello and goodbye and I was so happy to have spent a little time with LaVonne, though not nearly enough. She took me to breakfast and showed me the ropes in Quartzsite and we managed a couple of walks. Both she and Brad are on the first “leg” of their journey to a free life. I’m excited and happy for them.


The fierce wind sounded much worse than it actually was. It was chilly and overcast but the nomads all congregated outside Linda’s rig and I joined them for a little bit before taking off. An eclectic and interesting bunch these nomads. Independent, smart and fearless.
Quartzsite was altogether a must see for me though it was an RV madhouse. I could not get my rig tended to for solar power and turns out that’s a good thing. I need to do it myself. I did get to see the famous naked bookseller.

Sorry, it had to be done.
It’s not everyday you walk into a book store and are greeted by the owner wearing a crocheted penis cozy.

I also went to the giant Gem show. Miles of tables of rocks. Beautiful amazing rocks and machines to cut and polish them. I was out of my depth but the people watching was well worth it.

Now I’m on my way home because of The JOB. This trip has been a sort of tease and though I’m glad I came, it’s been much too short.
I am taking it slow going home.
I have stopped at a place in Desert Springs called Sam’s Family Resort Spa. I’ve read about it and thought it sounded just fine for a stopover on the way home. I need a shower and a soak but more than that I needed food so soon as I arrived I fired up the propane and made myself some black beans and rappini with some pickled onions and coleslaw and since there’s power, I fired up the Chromebook and watched an episode of Downton Abbey while I ate. Power, water, mineral spa! Holy Crap! It’s a whole ‘nother way of camping.
Giant RV’s parked side by side. My little rig looks like Granny Clampett’s in town. It was quiet up until a moment ago. My neighbors are back. They have vehicles they tow behind their motor homes that they get out and about in. One of them is outside as I type this trying, unsuccessfully, to fly his remote control helicopter while his wife is inside watching a sitcom, the canned laughter drifting through the window, punctuating his cursing “the fucking thing”.

I’m proud of myself for hooking up the power and the sewer! Though I have not turned the fridge on since I will be on my way tomorrow, I see no point.
Yes, an entirely different camping scene. Not one I would like to do often. Not having power for three days though, one starts to feel a little scraggly and stinky.

A few more days and yes, I would officially BE Granny Clampett.


  1. Haaaa… Granny Clampitt… I have never seen the bookseller's backside… is it scrawny and wrinkledy? I don't want to know… Hahaa…

    Wonder what he uses to not have a rash from shaving his pubic hair off. or what he uses …. he hasn't aged since I first started seeing him years ago…

    What a good time you had, Yolanda… and I feel the same way about sleeping bags… I do use one for the convenience on my cot but I don't zip it. it's a side zipper …

    Well? hiss on having a job but now you can plan anew!


  2. Well, god love that naked bookseller. Life is filled with characters and it tickles my heart to hear about them. I'm glad you have this tiny home on wheels to carry you off to adventures. Thanks for sharing with us, Ms. Yo. So much.


  3. The words 'crocheted penis cozy' strung together are a few degrees more surprising than the picture!
    He does look very comfortable…
    and, uh, tidy.


  4. Thank you Angella. May your prediction come true!

    Carolyn, Maybe he doesn't shave? What a character!

    Elizabeth, the nomads are just that, folks that live on the road and off the grid for the most part. From all walks of life, all ages and sizes and colors.

    Ms Moon, isn't it amazing. This whole big colorful world outside our doors. Endlessly fascinating.

    A. It was enlightening and inspiring to see someone so fully comfortable in his own skin. And his going out clothes…A top hat and a black jacket. Tidy and Dapper.


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