On the Verge

My visit to the Sam’s Family Spa was cut short. Listening to that small insistent voice that can sometimes just be me wanting or not wanting something or can be a message from beyond me, is something I listen to regardless of it’s source. I woke up and instantly knew I had to leave first thing. No soaking in the tubs or walking around the lake. Breakfast and GO!
It was while I was unplugging my home on wheels that I got a text from my daughter saying she was on her way to the hospital as per her midwife’s recommendation. I guess I haven’t mentioned that she’s pregnant. Well, she is, due at the end of April, another boy baby! She’s a perfect boy baby mom. Tough as nails. When she was little she was all pink tutus and tea parties and though she is as feminine and beautiful a young woman as I’ve ever seen, she has a steel core.
So I made my little toy home go 60 whole miles per hour almost all the way home. He won’t manage that on the hills but with a good wind, down hill, he can make it.
Evidently Mr Chips was the first to get sick and then his mom and finally his grandfather. Chips is fine now fascinated with the dinosaur book I found for him at the naked bookseller. His mom is home but extremely uncomfortable and not complaining about it. Tearful is a hot mess. Sicker than I’ve ever seen him and me, I’m scared. I know I’m next and I am not tough as anything. I’m about as tough as a soft velvet pillow. Maybe.

So here I am, at work, pondering how quickly the last week passed, how quickly and violently everyone fell ill, how blogger will not spell check this post or add my link and how perfectly this woman is carrying this duck on her head.

image by Christina Mittermeier


  1. We got flu shots 10 days ago, spooked by all the reports of people getting sick. Hope you stay well and that everyone else makes a fast recovery.
    What a good reminder about noticing the voice even when it's not quite clear where it's coming from.


  2. ahhh Yolanda…. love your spirit… šŸ˜‰ ending the stress with a woman with a duck on her head…

    no… don't recall your saying she was pregnant! well… congratulations and … start taking vitamin C by the mouthful.

    I did .. take it every hour … 1000 milligrams with bioflavonoids … so far… so good and everyone around me has been sick … HIPO the longest … the kids 48 hours with the throwing up and all that good stuff…

    awwwww third try on the word verifcation! hiss hiss hiss

    I've had a funky weekend and I really needed that picture.. HAHaaaa … glad I saw your update.


  3. Oh my, another grand baby! Joy!

    I hope everyone in your house will be better soon, and that you escape having to partake. Do you take Garclicin? The immune formula in the blue and yellow box if you look for it. I swear it keeps me ahead of the flu, touch wood.

    And listening to the voice within, no matter where it originates, such wisdom. This is my lesson for the day.

    I love you, dear Yoiie.


  4. My daughter Lily was the same way- pink her favorite color and now here she is with these two boys and she is the best man cub mama there can be.
    Congratulations on another baby to love!
    As to the illness- ugh. May you be spared and perhaps you will be.
    Life on this planet can just be so ridiculously hard.
    Sending love.


  5. A, I was not spared. Not one little bit.

    Carolyn, I do take vitamin C but it did me no good. Glad you've escaped the scourge! Sorry about the word verification. I get lots of spam otherwise.

    Angella, I haven't heard of Garclicin but it's on my list for future prevention. Thank you!

    Ms. Moon, Thank you!

    Kristin, Amazing yes.

    Elizabeth, Thank you! We are pretty excited about another boy.

    Radish, I'll take a duck on my head any day.


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