No Purpose

Inside my brain I’m pacing like my little bulldog Lu does. The only sound, the clicking of my claws on the bare wood floors. Room to room around and back with no aim or purpose. I go to the back door and look out at the rain, yes! Rain! Finally it rains! A few days ago a group of people gathered in a park not far from here and did a rain dance. For real. There were drums and feathers, and then there was rain. This morning the earth shook, I heard it before I felt it. Rwar. Mr. Chips wasn’t here but if he was that’s what he would have said. It’s his favorite word. It means Dinosaurs.


  1. That swing set!
    Rained here too yesterday and last night.
    More this weekend they say.
    I hope you can quit pacing inside your brain. It's so exhausting, and often scary.
    Peace. I wish you peace.


  2. The sun is brightly shining here today and I am glad of it. We have had a lot of rain lately. Glad you are finally getting some!

    I love the idea of swinging through the waterfall like those girls are doing.


  3. ohhhh want a swing set like that! how fun… glad it rained for you … I'm still cold and constant icing… SIGH

    HAhaaaa Mr. Chips Rwar… love it…

    that part in Jurassic Park with the water glass and the shaking due to the DINOSAURS … still gives me the heebie jeebies…


  4. Elizabeth, the rain gods are sending more our way tomorrow. It's lovely isn't it?

    Ms Moon, The swing set is dreamy and more rain is predicted for us too!
    You know about that scary pacing don't you. It ain't pretty but I expect it will pass shortly.
    Peace for us all.

    Kristin, who wouldn't love that swing? My dog Lu wouldn't!

    Carolyn, you guys are deep in a winter wonderland!
    I remember that scene in Jurassic Park. I think Chips is going to love that movie when he sees it.


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