At The Lake

I spent last night here by Lake Isabella. Isn’t she pretty? It was a rocky night. The wind blew strong all night long and rocked me to sleep. I am not a fan of the wind so I practiced listening to it instead of being annoyed. It was a chorus of voices, the cheer of a crowd, the deep rumble of a train.
This morning is beautiful. Today I will practice just being here.


  1. How no one ever noticed the blue mountains until The Impressionists painted them that way. I see you blue sky and your blue mountains laughing up and down their sides.


  2. Beautiful lake… the thing I like about the California lakes is the color. The grasses and surrounding blush tan colors then the BLUE … so pretty

    Well… you touched the whale and now the wind…

    as we said in the 60's … living in the 'now' is where it's at…

    We were soooo deep.. lol

    BUT it's true. just flat out be…


  3. Angella, there is so much to learn! Life never stops teaching us. Thank you for following my journey.

    Ms Moon, I'm so glad YOU are here!

    This landscape is such a surprise to me. I'm soaking in it.
    love to you!

    Elizabeth, You know I would have knocked on your door if I was down your way or passing through!

    Sheryl, Isn't that crazy? We have forgotten to do the simple stuff.
    Thanks so much for your book suggestion! I read it and love it.

    Carolyn, I am only now exploring Ca after so many years of living here. Better now than never.


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