By the River

Another night of fierce wind. And cold. When it was still blowing this morning I decided to leave the lake and head for the river. El Viejo handled the steep and windy drive north just fine. I found a quiet spot and set out my mat and stood on my head and twisted and let the sun and earth soak into me and it was…glorious. Got all the kinks out, made me smooth. Drove on to another spot even closer to the river where I settled in to charge my solar panel and cook my lunch. French lentils with stir fried asparagus and whole wheat naan. Bread you can make in a skillet! Sat by the river and listened. You know what I heard? An old Pretender’s song I cannot remember the title of or the lyrics, just the tune. The river was singing it to me. I sat and listened and a squirrel approached. I shooed him away but he wasn’t having it. He’d make believe he was leaving but then come back, each time getting closer.  He was stalking me.  A terrorist squirrel.

I can’t blame my paranoia on being married to a cop all these years. I came this way already assembled. I am by nature a suspicious person so this being out in the natural world by myself is a Grand Opening. I am opening the doors and asking my fears to leave quietly. Some of them are stubborn so I am looking for ways to convince them to go.  It’s a tricky business.

PS! The song was NOT a Pretenders song, it was Annie Lennox. I never knew the title of that song. It’s
Cold. Great lyrics and melody.
Thank you Kern River.


  1. You are a grace and a woman from whom I learn. I am thinking of you by the river/lake, the wind blowing, your fears quietly flying away on it.
    I see a lot of light.


  2. Elizabeth, I'm guessing being open has a different meaning for each of us. I always thought of myself as an “open” person but you know, when you quiet down and look closely you see things as they truly are and it's surprising how much we can hide from ourselves when distracted by the noise of our lives.
    Standing on your head…it's awesome.

    Angella, I've tried screaming and beating them with a stick too.

    Ms Moon, I think the same thing about you!


  3. Yolanda! love it. yes, the fear is natural ~ it keeps us safe.

    But to open your senses as you are doing? priceless.

    and skillet bread? oh man… by the river with a terrorist squirrel and listening to the river.

    nothing like it.


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