A Jew, a Puerto Rican and a Buddist Monk Walk Into a Salad Bar….

and order the same thing.  A falafel salad.

Then went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes because it’s sci fi and the monk loves his sci fi and I didn’t want to see Earth to Echo though after seeing DOTPOTA, I’m not so sure I made the right choice. DOTPOTA had your bad apes, your dumb drunk idiots, your good guys and one good girl, your one really good hearted ape, guns, shooting, swinging through trees, chimps wearing jewelry, and San Francisco in ruins. In 3 D.  Wear protective ear wear if you go see it.

After that we went to the Denver Botanical Garden which is probably the prettiest Botanical Garden I’ve ever been to. There was/is a Dale Chihuly exhibit which was surprising and beautiful. I’m not a big fan of glass art but I’m a big fan of gardens and his work adds a playful magic to this garden.

There’s more of this madness on my Instagram if you’re so inclined.

Denver is where Joyce lives and where we have been staying. She lives in a wonderful old apartment complete with milk chute (!) and  filled with collections of art everywhere your eye lands.  She’s fun and funny and gracious. I feel so lucky and grateful to be here.

I will be leaving tomorrow, heading back home on my own while the Monk flies back to NY.  I am missing my little gang and looking forward to smushing baby cheeks.


  1. When I lived in Denver for a year and a half, I would get so homesick for actual plants that I used to go to those botanical gardens (not nearly so fancy then) and surreptitiously crush the leaves of plants I knew in Florida and hold them to my nose and weep.
    Not a good time in my life.
    But it sure looks like a grand place to visit now.


  2. HAhaaaa a Jew, Puerto Rican and a Buddhist Monk … love it! what a trio… I have so enjoyed this journey with you, Yolanda…

    The reflection picture is my favorite well, no Joyce's apartment is my favorite! love that lived in comfortable full of light kind of place… oh, sigh

    and oh the squishes awaiting … 😉


  3. Oh NO!!! Ms Moon, this image of you crushing leaves and weeping is so sad. It is a beautiful place right now, rain and all. I don't know how I'd feel about it come winter time.


  4. Carolyn, we are quite a trio. Even in this very cosmopolitan town,we get the head turning looks.
    Joyce's apartment is like an old elegant silk and velvet robe you slip into and lounge around in.
    love it!
    Thanks for joining me!


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