Home Again

My last day in Denver we went to the Museum. It was, like all of Denver, a wonderful surprise. We split up so we could each see what we wanted to see. I went for the Daniel Sprick portrait room. Oh my. These portraits look like photographs at first but then you realize their paintings and then you scream! What?! I was mesmerized. 

It was a fantastic show. I also spent some time in their textile room which is an interactive space filled with books and on going projects one can participate in. A great museum to take children to. 
This trip was far too short. It was a tasting platter, an amuse-bouche.  Like flicking through an amazing book before you settle in to savor each and every page. I had no idea I would love Colorado as much as I did. It bears more exploration as does New Mexico. I’m excited about going back next year in a bug out vehicle so I can take my time. 
And now I am home and my little grand baby boys have grown! Little baby is even fatter and Chips is growing into a little boy with muscles. His face lit up when I walked through the door and we both just smiled and smiled at each other until I could grab him up and squeeze him. It was off to the Dinosaur races after that. I had to reacquaint myself with all his dinosaurs and boy is always happy to add more reptiles to the pile. The Monk sent him a whole collection of alligators from the Alligator farm he visited while Joyce and I had coffee. Alligators in Colorado. 
And now here, in Mr Chips toy box.
I was also very happy to get reacquainted with Mr Tearful. It’s great to go on adventures. It makes coming home all the sweeter.
At the Alligator Farm in Colorado.


  1. So much good and sweet stuff. I am so glad you got to go. I am so glad you are home safely. Kiss those growing boys for me. I know how your heart must have leapt when you saw them.


  2. Hi! What an adventure. Love love love that last photo of you and the Monk. I have only been through Colorado but I remember how gorgeous it was. I love me some mountains too.


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