You Are An Old Hippie

 if you find yourself making a pot of beans and collards and composting all the waste, while wearing a pair of purple harem pants with elephants printed on them that your neighbor brought you back from Cambodia, and a Heisenberg t-shirt (Walter White) and flip flops and you are living off the grid so you are washing your dishes (in a galvanized tub) and yourself (in a horse trough) and using your washing up water to water your garden and your listening to janis joplin and stringing beads and doing yoga on the deck in your backyard and you smell like patchouli from the cannabis infused lotion you wear on your wrinkly skin.

This could happen to you without your even noticing it.


  1. HAHaaaaaaa … well?! what a picture you just painted… love it!

    I always preferred Nag Champa over Patachouli …

    I had hip hugger pleated soft cotton pants … loved those things..

    awwww… the 60s and 70s …. you weren't even born then, right? had crimson red frige miniskirts too … vest … hahaaa

    collards and beans… dang! that sounds like good ol country food!


  2. My son continues to remind me that my perfume (pure patchouli oil the same as since the dawn of me) smells like dog. And old hippie.

    But in my heart I think I have more fun.

    I think you are doing it exactly right.

    Love Rebecca writing in men's pajamas with a white dress on top


  3. My ol' hippie days were all about the music–but, then I'm much older than you, Yolie…
    Lately, I'm like an artichoke..peeling away the layers of needless stuff, one petal at a time, trying to live “simple” once again.
    Slow process.
    Update at 11…..


  4. I love the picture you painted with your words and the one you took with your camera. I think you're doing it just fine, maybe even right, and I'm envying the richness of your simplicity.


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