Poor lonely little blog. Sad face.

That well I fell down, it was deep and vast. I’ve pretty much explored 1/15th of it. I’m leaving the rest for breakfast, as my big boy grandson says when he’s had enough to eat.

Since August (!) I have gone camping again, this time to the Eastern Sierras where I taught a soap making class to a group of survivalists  and herbalists and I learned how to dye fiber and comb wool and make sourdough bread and survive the apocalypse. If it ever goes down folks, you want to come with me. I’ve got the soap! No need to be dirty or stinky. And I can make bread.



I came home and began “cleaning” house. Again. After 20 + years it takes a good long while to “clean” your house and make it ready to sell. Which we did. We are now in the throes of last-minute thises and thatses. We are almost all pared down to the bone and still searching for our home on wheels where we plan on living for the unforeseeable future.

To soothe myself I have taken up long showers and baking. Not simultaneously. The long hot showers are taken in the evening and the baking happens in between everything.  It all started when I discovered the Great British Baking Show. Oh my. I’ve not gotten on the scale since starting this little obsession because I can tell it will hurt my feelings. Also I don’t care. In a few short weeks, I will be taking very short showers and not baking anything. So.

I’m still delivering things to the forest though I’ve slowed down a bit. The baking and the showers and the selling the house thing has taken up most of my mental capabilities.



  1. When I was up in Tomales Bay this past week at a writing workshop, this wonderful writer read from her book titled “One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses.” They were shockingly good and funny and amazing. The writer is Lucy Corin, I think. You should check it out while making soap, taking showers and baking bread. Or when you set out on your journey, read it aloud.


    • Thank you Elizabeth, it sounds perfect for me. Not out in kindle format yet I see so I may just have to order an actual book to take on the road! Can you please forward your snail mail address, I promise not to show up on your doorstep;) I have something I’d like to send you. xxoo


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